5 Top Tips on Buying your Child’s Bed

Designing your child’s bedroom is always an exciting time for you and your child. Use it as a time to bond and talk about how important their bedroom is as their personal space and how they can make it individual to them. The bed is the biggest and most important item in the room so choosing one should always be a fun experience!

There are so many options out there, you can really personalise the bed to suit your little man or lady! To guide you, here are a few tips from Warren Evans, London’s foremost bed and furniture makers and suppliers of top quality mattresses, on what to keep in mind to ensure that your child gets a bed that is comfortable, functional and a fun part of their bedroom.

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 1. ‘Time for YOUR bed’ not ‘Time for bed’!

Let them help to choose their bed and they will love sleeping in it. Making this decision together means they feel safer and can relax in their bed because it’s theirs! If they get to decide how their bed looks, as well as what storage features it comes with it, they will recognise it as something they own and not something their parents are making them use. With this in their minds, bedtimes become easier in that they are returning to the item that is their space.

2. Versatility = Longevity

As kids grow all their needs change, and for a bed to remain a good and useful part of their bedroom, it has to change as well. As they grow, not only will their toy selection grow and change, but so will their wardrobe, and getting the right bed that can cope with these changes makes keeping a tidy room that much easier. Choosing frames like a split-able bunk or loft bed with versatile storage components will allow you to adapt your child’s bed to their specific requirements.

3. British Safety Standards

To a child their bed is not just somewhere to sleep but also something between a trampoline and a bouncy castle. As such, you want to know that their bed frame can take the strain and be a sturdy and secure play area as well as a comfortable place to rest their weary heads. Warren Evans beds go above and beyond British Safety Standards latest legislation to ensure you get a frame you can trust, with mortise and tenon joints at every edge and ladder rung, your child’s bed isn’t going anywhere!

4. Think about where it will go

When looking into a new bed, it’s also vital to know where in the room it will be placed. Putting the bed directly in the way of or beside a light source, like a window, will mean light will shine through onto your child and keep them up at night. Make sure, when considering what bed to get, you can place it in a part of the room that’s dark enough that your child can get a peaceful night’s sleep.

5. Invest in a good mattress

The less exciting part of planning your child’s bed but a vital one.  A good mattress will support their ever-growing bones and ensure they get a good nights’ sleep. Comfortable, deep sleep promotes brain development, helps children to concentrate better at school and function better socially. Warren Evans offer both coil and pocket sprung mattresses in their kids range that have been hand-picked by experts to cater to a wide variety of price ranges and mattress feels, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your child.

To find out more about Warren Evans kid’s beds range go to https://www.warrenevans.com/beds/childrens_beds/

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