Eggs, Bugs & Rock n Roll

Asian-otterscroppedEggs, Bugs & Rock n Roll

WWT London Wetland Centre takes a light-hearted look at mating and dating
Love is in the air and nowhere more so than at London Wetland Centre. Come along to discover how birds, bugs and mammals attract a mate, their dating habits and what sort of partner they make. If you thought your partner was clingy wait until you hear about male puffer fish! And the Beatles aren’t the only ones to make sweet music; discover how animals use melody to make themselves more attractive.
The Eggs, Bugs & Rock n Roll show is a fun and fascinating look at how animals meet, mate and mind the kids. After all, birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it – so come along and find out how! The show is suitable for all ages over 8 years and runs daily at 14.30 from Saturday 14 to Sunday 22 February, 2015.

And it’s a good time of year to build a Love Nest. Come and decorate a bird box to give a good home to a young (feathered) couple or build a bird feeder from scrap, their own Scrap Cheep Challenge!
Eggs, Bugs & Rock n Roll is free with paid admission to the Centre: reserve your tickets by emailing

Some charges apply for the craft activities.

WWT London Wetland Centre is a 105 acre wetland visitor centre in Barnes, London, an international award-winning visitor attraction and a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). It is home to a wide range of wildlife species including birds, water voles, bats and amphibians. Facilities include six wildlife hides, Water’s Edge Café, Observatory, a gift shop,free car park, and adventure play areas for children.
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