How To Deal With Teenage Acne

Becoming a teenager is a big and scary step for those involved. However, this is a time where many teenagers want to look their best and for most, this is when skin problems and issues begin to flare up. Nine out of ten teenagers will get acne at some point during adolescence and, although it is often short-lived, it can be painful and often damaging to a young adult’s self-esteem.

What Is Teenage Acne?

The precise cause of teenage acne is unknown, but it is thought to be linked to the change in hormones that occur during puberty.

Hormonal changes between the ages of 10 and 13 cause skin to become much oilier, which leads to the pores in the skin becoming blocked. When these pores become blocked, they tend to become whiteheads, which are filled with oil, or blackheads that are filled with bacteria.

How To Treat Teenage Acne

It’s important to remember that all teenage acne does eventually heal, so you should reassure your teenager that if they are feeling embarrassed or are suffering from painful acne that it will eventually pass. For many teenagers, it is a case of just waiting it out.

Your teenage years are a time filled with discovering who you are and what you want to be. Along with trying out the newest makeup and style trends, such as using glitter makeup and dying your hair, many teenagers often try out new sports at school, leading to their skin becoming sweatier during the day and creating build ups within pores if not washed properly afterwards.

These all have effects on young teenage skin and often can irritate it more. There are some things you should do to help care and deal with skin issues:

Washing Your Face

You shouldn’t wash your face more than twice a day, as this can strip your skin of natural oils which help to keep it healthy. Use a mild soap or gentle products with warm, not hot, water and use a soft face cloth to gently exfoliate the skin. Do not scrub the skin, as this will only aggravate it further.

Older Teens

As previously mentioned, makeup can cause havoc with unbalanced skin levels. It can make acne worse as some have a heavy and greasy consistency which will clog pores. If you or your teenager is interested in makeup, then look for natural and ethical brands, as they will be conscious of the ingredients they are using.

Don’t Pop Them!

As tempting as it is, picking and popping spots will only make them worse. Bacteria will drive deeper into the skin and cause long-lasting scarring.

Most teenage acne, such as small spots, blackheads and whiteheads, can be treated at home without any need for expensive products. However, if you or your teenager is suffering, then it may be worth seeing a GP or your local skin clinic for further treatment. There are some medication ointments you can try, or some gentle skin treatments may work to help skin issues.


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