Panasonic: Evolta and eneloop batteries

Panasonic Batteries

Parents want high performing, long-lasting and safe batteries. These Panasonic batteries are specifically designed to avoid battery leakage, and impressively hold energy for up to ten years.

So many things need batteries, especially children’s toys and a pain if you do not have them when needed. Even worse if worn down when brought out of cupboard. Not with these!


The name is from evolution and voltage, and EVOLTA batteries meet parents’ expectations for toys. The batteries are, of course, not limited to battery-operated toys. They can be used in  cameras, computer mouse, game controllers, robot, etc.

evoltaThe next generation of the EVOLTA battery is the EVOLTA NEO. This ‘big brother’ of EVOLTA is designed to be even more powerful. It contains silver compounds to stabilise in case of overcharging. The battery helps to meet the needs of today’s most popular electronic devices that require more energy. The upfront investment pays for itself, offering value for their money.


eneloopPanasonic has also developed the eneloop range. It helps reduce landfill and wastage of the Earth’s natural resources compared with its single-use, dry battery counterparts. eneloop batteries have  won many awards in numerous categories since 2005, including coveted design awards in Australia, Japan and Germany. The batteries have also boded well on Amazon, with very high review scores and positive comments from those who have bought and tried them.

Parents News UK tried them and very happy at how quickly eneloop batteries charged and lasted. We really should all be eneloopmoving towards the rechargeables, although we could be spoiled by the quality and the longevity of the EVOLTA, which also impressed us at how long they lasted.

The eneloop batteries are pre-charged using solar energy, are ready to use and can be recharged up to 2,100 times. They have a low self-discharge rate, meaning that even when they are stored for extended periods, they retain their power. In fact, they maintain about 70% of their energy after 10 years of storage.

The range’s energy capacity lifecycle displays outstanding performance versus others.

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