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STYLE (EN) 6128277 boys’ sneakers
These trainer boots had my five-year-old at ‘flashing lights’. He was thrilled with his light-up shoes, which are activated by a side button or by jumping up and down on the soles. Bright yelllow laces on a blue background add to their appeal, and the laces themselves are great for when he wants to practise tying them. Luckily, there’s also a handy side zip for quick and easy putting on and taking off, and the soft leather upper makes it even easier for them to push their foot in.

Aside from their stylish appeal, the trainers also tick off a few practical points that mums are always looking out for when it comes to their little ones’ footwear. My son can get quite hot feet, so the removable, breathable and washable leather insoles are a godsend. There’s also supportive cushioning in the heel, acting as a shock absorber for when your mini superheroes are jumping off climbing frames and swinging from trees.

Durable and hardwearing but so soft, light and flexible to allow freedom during play, I was reassured by how well these trainers are made.

My active kids get through shoes incredibly quickly, so it’s important to me that I find shoes that last through the intensive physical wear and tear they are subject to. And they really do look great on – the blue contrasted strikingly against the bright yellow sole and laces, making them a stylish addition to my son’s wardrobe. He wasn’t taking them off in a hurry!

STYLE (EN) 6181000 girls’ sneakers

Glitter, shiny metal detailing and pink sparkles (offset against a muted grey background) meant these were an out and out win for my three-year-old daughter, whose feedback was ‘Wow!’.

The easy-wear Velcro straps made them a win for me too, as it meant she was more than capable of putting her shoes on without assistance – great for little ones learning to become independent.

The straps also give the fit across the top of the foot more flexibility, which I found useful as my daughter has a high instep, so it can often be hard to get her foot in a shoe, which will then inevitably dig in and leave a mark.

Lightweight and super-soft but made well from quality materials, they have a good grip and flexible sole, which made them perfect for a snazzy scoot to the shops. The breathable leather insole kept my daughter’s feet dry and comfortable even after a busy day’s play, and the glittery toes and sparkly stones decorating the Velcro straps make these eye-catching play shoes work as partywear, too.

Instead of going for the usual patent-leather party shoes, I would add these to a tutu or little dress for a cool, casual-smart twist that lets her run around and dance away at the disco without fear of rubbing or slipping.

by Lucy Parley, 37, mum to Reuben, five, and Lois, three, and co-founder and editor of

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