The Viking Experiences and the Viking Games


Denmark and Sweden is the spiritual and historical home of the Viking. The Oresund region, southern Sweden and Eastern Denmark, is the epicentre of Viking heritage and here you will see from rune stones and monuments to fortresses and genuine Viking boats. From Harold Bluetooth and his Dana Empire 940-986 AD to Canut the Great, school children learn that Vikings were feared bold sailors invading, raiding and pillaging like mythical warriors. In fact, they plunder their way around much of the world. During the Viking Age they ruled in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark where they were less the warrior and more the traders, settlers and craftsmen, designing the longboats that allowed them to sail far and wide. Bluetooth’s strong political strategy, their business acumen and faith, created densely populated settlements which can all be seen in the archaeology they have left behind. If you are fascinated by the enigma of the Vikings I would recommend you go to Denmark and Sweden and visit the historical and spiritual home of Vikings, although today’s Vikings are a peaceful bunch who have long since traded in their longboats for bicycles. You can still find traces of the life they lived 1000 years ago in the landscape surrounding Copenhagen. Follow their footsteps, you can sail in Viking ships, enjoy outdoor Viking theatre, take a walk in a Viking town, and visit Viking fortresses, festivals, markets. Annual Vikings clashes culminate in a tournament at the Viking Games. Enactments, competitions and awards for the fastest, strongest and slyest Viking! 

The Danish Viking Castle Trelleborg is expected to get the official blessing to become part of Unesco’s World Heritage List – the decision will be announced in June 2015.

For accommodation see Angavallen and Sagnlandet Lejre – Land of Legends. More accommodation can be found where you can also find lots of useful info inc “Plan your trip”. Information about The Oresund region


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Angavallen – Farm and Hotel

Frederikssund Viking Settlement and Play 45 KM from Copenhagen in Denmark

Foteviken Viking Town & Museum Höllviken  50 KM from Copenhagen in Sweden

Roskilde Viking Ship Museum 35 KM from Copenhagen in Denmark

Vikinga Tider Löddeköpinge, 65 KM from Copenhagen in Sweden

Trelleborg Viking Fortress, 100km from Copenhagen in Demark

Viking Fortress Trelleborg, 60 km from Copenhagen Sweden

Denmark Sagnlandet Lejre – Land of Legends 45 KM from Copenhagen in Denmark

The opening of a new experience centre at Royal Jelling in the summer of 2015 allowing for even deeper immersion into the Viking kings of Denmark.

The opening of Moesgaard Museum’s spectacular new Viking exhibition. Moesgaard Museum (MOMU) is a brand new museum on prehistory and ethnography opened up in Aarhus in October 2014.

Extras: Copenhagen Zoo – An Arctic adventure Try the unique experience of standing in an underwater acrylic tunnel whilst watching the polar bears swim above and below you, as close as you can get to a polar bear,

Experimentarium City where children and adults of all ages will be able to see, touch and experience science in all its many forms. Winter Sports explore winter, snow, ice, the body and health in an exhibition that is set to open just before the Winter Olympics,

Hop On Hop Off Bus & Boat Sightseeing ticket, with 31 stops included are numerous discounts to Copenhagen’s best museums, specially chosen must see attractions and city shopping plus map,

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