Amazona Zoo

You can now explore the Amazon in 15 acres of North Norfolk; meet over 200 animals, most up close and personal. Because Amazona Zoo is a small zoo it’s great for young children to wander round. You feel you have time to watch the animals enjoying their behaviour and antics. The Mara wander freely round the zoo, they are a creature surely developed by committee with a face of a kangaroo, the body of a deer and the legs of a rabbit –but delightful all the same.


They actually have a varies of South American rodent with capybara and agouti – just think giant guinea pigs.


The primates include lively Spider monkeys with their swings and ropes and noisy but cute Marmosets. A large aviary houses parrots, macaws and conures. They are ex pets that have out grown, or out lived their owners and most are more than happy to chat with you as you walk by.

It’s the rainforest that we most associate with South America and Amazona Tropical Hall accommodates the less cuddly but fascinating piranha, caiman, iguanas and snakes. The mirrors in the elegant pink flamingos enclosure are used to encourage them to breed. Apparently  tricking them into thinking their flock is larger than it actually is helps them to nest and eventually lay eggs.

The Jaguars and Pumas, part of feline forest, were fast asleep on my visit but still visable via the glass fronted “bedrooms”.  Watch the River otter at feeding times to see this large playful creature and learn more about them from the knowledgeable staff.


There is a large outdoor play & picnic area and if the weather inclement The Jungle Tumble is a soft play centre giving children the opportunity to expend more energy.  With a gift shop and café Amazona is well worth a visit.
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