Charnos Hosiery

Autumn/Winter is the perfect time to break out the hosiery – but instead of scrambling around trying to find last year’s favourite opaques (they are under the bed with a ladder in from that night out and bobbled because you couldn’t face hand washing them), check out the Autumn/Winter 2012 collection from Charnos Hosiery.

 Taking inspiration from the 1920s art-deco era; a period of light-hearted, forward thinking fashion designs; this new collection mirrors the mantra behind the Charnos brand.  These fashionable and wearable styles will have you leaps ahead of the fashion pack, as the AW12 collection has explored the era and ‘legged it’ up-to-date through intelligent use of material, texture and technology!

Explore the three key ranges and see what Charnos has in store for the season.

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