Christmas: The Most Stressful Day Of The Year!

The build-up to Christmas is well on it’s way. A recent survey by the Post Office reveals that agonising over the perfect present for a loved one is the biggest source of stress for Britons. 37% of participants in the survey said they were worried about being able to afford to buy presents.

Even though it is a festive time and a special opportunity to be close with family and friends, it is also a highly pressurised season. Expectations are high, and the emphasis that is put on a single day out of 365 is enormous.

Mike Fisher, Founder and director of BAAM, said that:

“It seems impossible to have a stress-free Christmas these days. You can be over-loaded at work, frustrated with the cooking and preparation, everyone wants something different on the TV, your relationships are under the microscope, the kids are playing up and your parents-in-law are coming to stay…it’s a stressful time!”

This is why BAAM has put together a special Keep Your Cool this Yule Kit. It is a really helpful and practical Kit to help you survive the stress you may experience over Christmas. The great thing about this Kit is that it can be used 365 days of the year. You can download the Kit from our Website and keep it handy on your phone, on your computer at home, or print it out!

You can also watch our Christmas Video with other great tips-  and have a chuckle at the same time!

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