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Colour Me Beautiful, image consultants believe that everyone has the right to look and feel their absolute best every day. Looking good isn’t a luxury, it’s something everyone can achieve regardless of age, size, budget and lifestyle. Women have busy lives and tend not to invest in themselves but whether you are thinking of going back to work or need a confidence boost, this service could be for you.


The expression “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”, (thanks to Henry Ford) came to mind with my visit to Anita Feron Clark. With 12 years as a senior clothing buyer she knows clothes. My problem was I didn’t. So if I always wear what I usually wear, I’ll always look the same.  Some people enjoy clothes shopping and are happy with their style, but many of us grab the nearest item that’s the correct size and hope for the best. I have the most eclectic collection of clothes but not in a good wacky stylish way more a miscellaneous collection mismatched way!


Anita runs her own successful personal styling and image consultancy business in Surrey with a wealth of knowledge and experience.  She not only understands the clothes but also the people and helps and instructs with intuition, common sense and fun.


Services Anita offers:  Personal styling, Colour Consultation begins with a colour analysis as colour is the simplest and most effective way to improve your look. The correct shade of a colour you wear can flatter you enhancing you appearance; Style Consultation assessing your body shape. This will help you understand what suits your figure and why; Make-up Lesson; your make-up should suit your colouring and compliment your look too. A Make-up Lesson will also give you the knowledge and skills to apply your make-up; Wardrobe revamping (this is one I really need) The philosophy is: “Wear more, buy less.”; Personal shopping Anita states, “I’ll do research beforehand, so that shopping is made easy” truly appealed to me.


Your colouring and body shape are the key determining factors in your consultations. Anita also takes into consideration your personality, lifestyle and budget. These personal service can be also appeal to teenagers, university and job interviews, bridal advice and themed parties.


An image consultation doesn’t just the alter the external, your appearance, it affects how you feel. Experiencing a new image, knowing you look terrific, you’ll feel fabulous and glowing with confidence.  Please remember that my clients are ordinary women from many different backgrounds with varying amounts of disposable income; you don’t have to have bags of money or be a fashionista to benefit from my services. Please take the first step towards looking good and feeling fabulous every day.   We are delighted to be celebrating our 30th anniversary this year.   We look forward to another 30 years of helping you to make the most of your image so you can look great and feel confident, whatever your age, shape, budget and lifestyle.
Make 2013 your year to be colourful, stylish and confident!


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