The cost of heating homes up by an average 7 per cent this winter as more and more people can’t afford bills. HEATKEEPER, an inexpensive product that can save households 20% on their gas bills, can help mitigate this increase.


What are they? Metallised PVC panels that fit neatly – and unseen – behind your radiator and save up to 20 per cent on energy bills.

Are they proven to work? Yes. Energy Saving Trust has just added HEATKEEPER panels to its ‘Recommended Products’ scheme – a scheme that finds inexpensive energy saving products that reduce consumers’ bills and help them do their bit for the environment.

How do they work? Heat is reflected back into the room so that the water returns to the boiler hotter and the boiler needs to fire less. The saw-tooth design creates convection currents that aid the circulation of warm air

Are they easy to install? Yes. They come with everything you need including self-adhesive tape and you don’t need to remove your radiator.

How much do they cost? The cost of a 20-panel pack is ?54.50. 20 panels are enough to fit an average home (3 bedroom semi-detached house). The total outlay on an average home is ?54.50.

How much will I save? According to www.which.co.uk the typical cost of heating a 3-bedroom house is ?730. A 20 per cent saving would equate to ?146 each year and payback would be achieved in 4 months.

How do I get them? http://www.heatkeeper.co.uk

Editors comments: We have tried these out, they are easy to install. Already, a week later, the house seems warmer –no bills to test this out yet!

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