For those techies out these how about boosting and securing good communications over Christmas.

The NETGEAR WN1000RP is a Wi-Fi booster for mobiles, and boosts any local Wi-Fi coverage to ensure your latest smartphone is working to its full potential! It is also compatible with, iPads and more, and helps to eliminate all Wi-Fi dead zones.

Enjoy an improved wireless experience on iPads and Android tablets, smartphones, netbooks and e-readers at home.
Boost existing WiFi coverage; Improve WiFi strength for smartphones, iPads®, and more; Helps eliminate WiFi dead zones; Reduce 3G/4G mobile data usage; Works with existing WiFi equipment; Easy installation

NETGEAR also have the latest wireless dual band router, the WNDR4500available. This router comes fully compatible with the NETGEAR Genie app – a dashboard that makes it easy to monitor, control and repair home networks, as well as advanced parental controls. The NETGEAR N900 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router delivers the ultimate in WiFi performance and range. Stay connected to the Internet with fast, reliable and secure wireless connections and create a powerful home network for applications, such as streaming 3DHD video and multi-player gaming. 450 + 450 ultimate WiFi speed; WiFi boost — ultimate range; Share USB printer and storage;Easy dashboard control for home networks

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