Primigi Shoes Review

A family reviewed some Primigi Shoes for Parents News

Parent’s View:
Finding the best-fitting shoes for my children is amongst the many choices you make as a parent. To ensure your children walk with happy feet, you need to make sure the shoe fits properly from heel to toe, and that they feel comfortable and are confident in wearing them.

Packaging Presentation
Primigi use very good marketing, adopting smiling, happy children, without any pictures of shoes. This a powerful first impression for a parent who wants their child to be happy wearing the chosen shoes. The use of subtle pastel colour of light green enhances the feeling that a good choice has been made by purchasing Primigi footwear.

/T.TECNIC/NAVY – 56362/00 Size 34
Immediately the integrated PMG1976 logo supported by the classic trademark of Goretex provides any concerned parent with the knowledge that their child will have the feeling of dry warm feet. The styling is wonderfully casual but smart, so that the blue/white/turquoise colour scheme will be complimented against blue jeans or cream trousers, but equally with summer shorts.

Velcro straps provide a hassle free means by which the child can manage on their own and feel independent. The white stitching detail against the blue outer colour illustrates the quality of the shoes construction, balanced against the white coloured deep grip sole capable of flexing and supporting the most adventurous child.

The inner linings of the shoe also excel in quality material with subtle Goretex branding printed within the patterned design. The blue leather toe provides a strong and durable solution for the foot for sports and skateboarding pursuits.
Extremely pleased with this item of footwear and as a parent, secure in the knowledge that my child’s first impression was a big smile, knowing that he’ll immediately show off his amazing shoes to his friends.

jamie2SCAM.BR/VIT.LAM/ARGE – 51690/77 Size 32

This shoe design has amazing detail of silver and white jewels for any girl wanting to wear dazzling footwear. The shiny silver outer makes is very durable and catches the eyes of my daughter’s friends. Anti-shock inner sole enables non-stop activity with the option for quick adjustments to the fitting using Velcro straps.

These trainers sparkle all over and work well with summer shorts and equally blue jeans. Very pleased with these trainers extended further through the confidence our daughter has in wearing them, sporting a constant smile as she plays out her princess performances with eye-catching sparkle

/NABUK/NAVY/A – 51291/77 Size 38

This trainer provides my son with great ankle support all round, by which small adjustments to fitting can be made by use of the two Velcro straps. The blue leather upper shoe features classic white stitching detail which compliments the solid defused white coloured sole.

The selection of blue tone colours for the outer leather really states a quality product that our Son wants to wear every day. The anti-shock heel really adds comfort and enhanced by the flexible action system sole for our Son’s pursuits in cycling and climbing. Overall a very smart set of child’s trainers that our son has taken to be his first selection footwear when heading out for the day with his friends.

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