CCTV- Video Camera by Ezviz

Ezviz C3WN Review

CCTVSecurity of the home is so important and CCTV contributes as a deterrent, but quality is important. We found one to suit families.

We tested the Ezviz camera for CCTV. Instructions are straight forward and easily linked to home internet, via an app downloaded onto a smartphone. We immediately liked the true colours and clarity of the pictures, but that was indoors. There was no change in quality outdoors, in all weathers and even low lighting.


The hardest job of CCTV is placement to cover the areas we found most important. We tested it on a house with a wide double driveway, to cover cars, and just included the front door. It records anyone approaching. Trial and error, for placement, was not too bad even up a ladder. Once decided, there was a bit of DIY, but the template for screw holes made it easy, and it was in place in no time. We made adjustments of angle, watching the image on a phone, and it was done.

CCTV Picture Quality

The quality is excellent and zoom ability to read number plates (obscured here),

and fun to watch a cat basking in the sun. The images are kept in the cloud and after a month’s free trial there is the option to pay for that service. As an alternative, there is also a slot for a memory card, not supplied, which over-writes each 7 days. It is good quality at night, too. Has infra red, motion detector, sound, time, date, all at default without needing setting.

The variety to suit homeowners seems endless and therefore good for all. View it on the smartphone from anywhere. Face images can be marked and so much more for those sophisticated with software. For a family it is all you want at default settings. There are of course passwords and encryption for privacy, and all is well thought out.

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