myFirst Drone

Oaxis myFirst Drone – Available for £34.99 in Blue and Pink from Maplin and in Blue and Pink from Selfridges

DroneThe Oaxis myFirst Drone is an ideal way of keeping kids active and outdoors whilst still using the latest technology and gadgets that they love. Simply throw the drone into the air and watch it fly using altitude hover. Thanks to the inbuilt sensors, it will easily avoid obstacles and won’t go too high off the ground due to the proximity sensors. The drone has caged protection so it is safe for kids to play with and it is also rechargeable.

Parents News UK reviewed the drone. We found it best outdoors (as instructed) and away from the cats! (They did not like the noise) Great fun for kids. An adult’s hand alongside makes it go the other way as the sensors move it away from obstacles.

This is a great little present and comes in pink or blue. No batteries, it charges from supplied USB connection, and is ready to go quite quickly.

It is safe and fun. For 6 years of age plus

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