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Pugs of the Frozen North by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre and Emily MacKenzie’s Stanley the Amazing Knitting Cat have both won Independent Bookshop Week (IBW) Book Awards! 

Pugs of the Frozen North by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre (Oxford University Press) Stanley the Amazing Knitting Cat by Emily MacKenzie (Bloomsbury Children’s Books)

Information on this year’s shortlisted titles and previous winners


Picture Books

Winnie and Wilbur
The much-loved Winnie the Witch series has been re-branded as Winnie and Wilbur, with 35 re-branded fiction and picture book titles hitting the shelves in September. The new series name reflects the love and affection adults and children have for Winnie’s long suffering cat and side-kick Wilbur. Written by Valerie Thomas and Laura Owen, and illustrated by Korky Paul.

Super Happy Magic Forest: Slug of Doom
The Super Happy Magic Forest is filled with sunshine, rainbows, and good times. But when Blossom the unicorn accidentally releases Zorgoth, Slug of Doom, our five brave heroes must follow his slimy trail. Can they stop this evil, well-groomed menace in his quest to destroy the forest? Talented author and illustrator Matty Long delivers another hilarious title in the Super Happy Magic Forest series.


This Book is Out of Control
Ben and Bella are playing with Ben’s remote controlled fire engine. So why doesn’t it turn or spin or sound its siren when Ben presses the buttons? And why are strange things happening to Bella’s dog? This is a book that’s out of control and only the reader can help get things back to normal. a highly A original and engaging book from Richard Byrne, the creator of bestselling This Book Just Ate My Dog!.


Greatest Animal Stories
Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Award-winning children’s writer Michael Morpurgo has gathered his favourite animal stories from around the world to create this collection of Greatest Animal Stories.

The Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary will take aspiring young writers on a squiffling, frumptious journey deep into the language of Roald Dahl—from aardvark to zozimus. A wonderful Christmas gift!
Jinks & O’Hare Funfair Repair
McIntyre and Reeve Productions are back with a brand new adventure. Emily loves living on Funfair Moon – especially when she gets to help Jinks & O’Hare, the extraordinary repair team. But when chaos strikes during a crucial funfair inspection, Emily has to act fast. Can she deal with a violent fudgesplosion, a gravity inversion, and a marauding candyfloss creature? Or does this spell doom for Funfair Moon?


Tom’s Midnight Garden
One of the world’s best-loved children’s classics by Philippa Pearce has been lovingly adapted into a beautiful graphic novel by top French illustrator Edith. This enchanting story follows Tom into a magical garden, where he is transported into a timeless world where past and present collide.


Isadora Moon
Half-vampire and half-fairy, Isadora Moon is the unique creation of talented new OUP author and illustrator Harriet Muncaster. This beautiful, charming and funny new series of first chapter books, illustrated with irresistible pink and black artwork, are perfect for readers who like their magic and sparkle with a bit of bite!


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