10 Ways To Keep Fit With Your Kids And Have Fun This Summer

Summer is one of the easiest times of the year to keep fit as a family and have fun, it’s all about getting outside. The warmth and the sunshine makes it much more appealing for you all  to leave the comfort of the sofa so head outside. Here are 10 ways to keep fit with you kids this summer and have fun.

Head to the park

You really can’t beat the park in the summer – picnic food, picnic blanket, and football Join the kids playing football if they are anything like mine they will be amazed at your complete lack of football skill but love the fact that you are joining in.

Pack a healthy picnic

Ditch the crisps and soggy sandwiches instead pack some tortillas, salad, and grilled chicken breasts so you can make your own wraps, fruit cups and beetroot brownies for a healthy but sweet treat after.

Go to the beach

Take a page out of the surfers books and get a tan whilst getting fit, jump the waves, play in the surf, or throw a Frisbee around, you’ll get fit, have fun and a smashing tan to boot.

Local swimming pool

shutterstock_44288656Get to the pool early before it gets too crowded, the water is great for resistance and even if you’re just running after the kids stopping them from drowning all of that effort will be worth it.

Get the BBQ out

BBQ’s don’t have to be all about the burgers and sausages. Make up some skewers with meat and vegetables, try fish or if you really want a burger why not try making your own they taste even better that way.

Organise a surprise water fight

Water balloons, water pistols, super soakers at the ready – buckets to fill up them up and get battling. You’ll find yourself running and jumping to avoid your kid’s aims and it’s a great way to cool off.

Keep hydrated

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with some infused waters – they are so easy to make. Just add some fruit to the water the night before leave it in the fridge and drink the next day.

Go Fly a Kite

Need to work on your arms – then head to the park or beach with a kite, help the kids learn to fly it – running to pick it up, jumping to help them soar it and then having a turn yourself.

Try Geocaching

Pack your backpack with essentials and your picnic, download the geocaching app and take a hike to discover treasure in your backyard – they are everywhere worldwide and you can spend all day walking and discovering the next one.

Take up a family sport

Lots of local councils have new sports to try during the summer, give them a try as a family – tennis, badminton, running, sailing, wind surfing all are fun especially if you are learning together.

Credit: Cerys from a Rainy Day Mum has been working with healthy living brand Weight Watchers – helping families to be active over the summer, developing positive relationships with fitness, food and wellness. Find out more details here.

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