5 Popular Fundraising Ideas for School

Fundraising in the school is not only an important part of the academic year and an extra curricular fixture, but essential in the acquisition of new equipment and resources for use by students and teachers. With education budgets stretched and schools often struggling to raise the funds they need, it is more important than ever that fun and innovative fundraising ideas are used. Here are five simple and enjoyable ways to help raise funds in your school.


Nowadays, school parties and discos are mainly reserved for two important events on the school calendar – Christmas and end of the year. But they are always popular with children, don’t take much organising, and offer many small opportunities for fundraising. If the DJ who usually hosts your school discos is willing to waive their fee or reduce it in the name of charity, you can shave off almost the entire cost of putting the event on. Make sure to hold raffles, sell snacks and drinks, and glow-sticks are a fun additional source of income.

 Concerts & Talent Shows

Another favourite school event that tends to get saved for special occasions, but another great way of raising funds for the school and allowing parents and children to have fun. Again, they cost almost nothing to put on, and parents will be eager to see their children perform, so charge a small admission fee, sell drinks and snacks. Raffles are always a bit of fun and are an easy way to raise additional funds.

 Bake Sales

Sometimes the old ones are the best. Parents and children alike enjoy contributing to school bake sales, and they are a fantastic way to raise funds without any substantial upfront costs. They can operate from the school hall or playground, and can be finished and packed away again within an hour of home time.

 Cards and Tea-towels

Traditionally used for Christmas only, greetings cards and tea-towels printed with children’s designs are precious mementos of school days that parents are eager to buy and treasure for years to come, making them a great way to raise funds. There are companies, like IQ Cards, that provide the printing service and make it a quick, convenient and affordable way of raising funds for the school.


Again, you needn’t wait for Christmas or the Summer holidays to fundraise this way. Fetes are always staples of the school calendar and parents enjoy attending them with their children. They tend to take a bit more preparation, but there are endless ways to see a good return on them, from tombolas and games, to BBQs and ice cream stalls.

Charlotte Baldwin is the Operations Manager at IQ Cardsa fundraising company that allow schools to fund raise by selling cards, gift wrap and labels featuring pupil’s artwork at key times throughout the year such as Christmas and Easter

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