Experience an Unforgettable Family Adventure With These Five Greek Island Activities

The Greek Islands are alive with people, culture, history, and natural beauty. Attracting visitors from across the globe, millions flock to Greece every year just to get a taste of the famously vibrant and laid-back Greek Island lifestyle.

With so much on offer, and with so many places to explore, the Greek Islands are a treasure trove of experiences and activities perfect for families. It doesn’t matter whether you travel with little ones, teenagers, young adults, or a mix of all, there are plenty of things to see and do on the Greek Islands to keep everyone happy and make your trip simply unforgettable.

  1. Explore Ancient Greek Ruins

Portara - ruins of ancient temple of Delian Apollo on Naxos island, Cyclades archipelago, Greece.

The Greek Islands have been home to a myriad of cultures and civilisations during their lifetime. While the ancient Greeks may be the islands’ most famous residents, the Romans, Minoans, Byzantines and many more have also laid claim here at some point in history.

Now, their empires crumbled into dust, what remains of these once powerful civilisations survives in the form of incredible ruins, pillars of history that allow the modern day person to transport themselves back in time. The Greek Islands are littered with fascinating examples of ruins, offering up the perfect opportunity for a family experience.

While all can stand and wonder at the marvels of architecture left behind by our ancient ancestors, children can also take this opportunity to expand their knowledge and education in an immersive and memorable way. Learning about what life was like for ancient people, where and how they lived, in a real and inspiring setting such as genuine ruins, is the ultimate way of getting them to engage with history; far better than any book.


  1. Take a Family Day Out to a Beach Like No Other
Amazing sea bay on Greek Island with a small boy at play on the seashore, Greece

Amazing sea bay on Greek Island with a small boy at play on the seashore, Greece

Who doesn’t enjoy a sunny day out at the beach? The adults love sun, sea, sand, and relaxation. And the kids love it too; sand, sand castles, sand pits, sandy feet and splashing in the water, lots of splashing in the water. The Greek Islands are world famous for their beautiful beaches, complete with azure blue waters and incredible surroundings.

  1. Go Snorkelling and Discover a New Side to the Greek Islands
Underwater portrait of family snorkeling together at clear tropical ocean

Underwater portrait of family snorkeling together at clear tropical ocean

The waters that surround the Greek Island’s aren’t just pretty to look at, they also hide a colourful and enigmatic world of life beneath their gently cresting waves.

Full of rich nutrients carried right to their shores by the glorious Mediterranean, an undersea kingdom of fish and corals thrive in the shallow waters, protected coves, and cave systems, that encircle many of Greek Islands. A bewitching activity for family members of all ages, swimming through the warm, clear Greek Mediterranean waters and discovering what lives beneath the surface is an unforgettable way to spend the afternoon.

For parents concerned about letting young ones roam the waters, a great way to alleviate your worries is to go out with a professional guide: somebody who knows the area well, knows the safest place to snorkel and is on hand with strong swimming skills and first aid should anyone start to struggle.

  1. Take a Hike! Through the Glorious Greek Island Countryside
Ithaki island at ionian sea in Greece

Ithaki island at ionian sea in Greece

While you might be a little more familiar with Greece’s penchant for historic ruins and beaches, the islands also offer first class opportunities for strolls, walks and hikes – and even bike rides – through its rustic terrain.

Being caught just between the temperate climates of Europe and the subtropics of northern Africa, the Greek Islands get an almost perfect mix of sun and rain, producing magnificent scenery of luscious greenery — that is, unless you head to an island like Santorini, whose greenery has been replaced with marvellous black sand and striking volcanic terrain.

These forests often top gently sloping hillsides, wrapped in wildflowers and are scattered with little villages and old Greek churches. It’s a stunning mix of nature and culture, and immersing yourself in this totally unfamiliar world is an amazing family experience worth sharing.

  1. Sail the Greek Islands

Family Sailing
Sailing is an enchanting activity for kids and grownups alike. Getting out on the shimmering water, feeling that fresh, crisp ocean breeze on your skin and watching the land drift by, all to the sound of lapping waves and rustling sails; it’s an extraordinary and unique experience.

Sailing around the Greek Islands offers a special set of benefits not usually experienced when sailing. The calm and protected waters surrounding Greece’s shores allow for easy transport to multiple islands, opening the door to an amazing, yet so rarely experienced treat: island hopping.

Island hopping is only really achievable through sailing in the Greek Islands, as most islands lack ferry terminals or airports. Sailing around them your family the ultimate in Greek Island experiences, moving from one island to another, discovering all their secrets and treasures before heading straight for the next one. It’s a whirlwind experience of thrills and culture, making for a truly unforgettable Greek Island getaway.

Content by Cliff Blaylock, an expert in all things Greece and owner of luxury yacht holidays company, Deep Blue Yachting. www.deepblueyachting.co.uk


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