Choosing Shapewear for your Bodyshape

Winter will soon be here and the usual panic about what to wear during the party season is upon us. The summer months have done little to help our waistline and the holidays have certainly done their damage so everything feels a little, well, snug?

Don’t worry, help is at hand, and you don’t need to replace your whole wardrobe either… there are an abundance of shapewear and lingerie solutions that will ensure you look gorgeous as you step out onto the dance floor in a few weeks’ time.  The trick is to pick the right pieces for your problem areas so we have put a small guide together to help you choose depending on your overall body shape.

Pear Shaped

If you have a pear shaped body then you probably carry most of your body fat on your lower half with your top being proportionally smaller.  If this is you then we recommend that you choose a thigh slimmer to control your bottom area and smooth out your thighs. You won’t need a waist cincher as you will already have a well-defined waist but you will probably want to look for a piece with a light silicon edge at the leg seams rather than a sewn hem as carrying extra weight on your thighs can be problematic with seams that ride up or cause ‘muffin top’ effects on your legs. There are several brands out there that provide these types of garments, Naomi & Nicole (stocked at Simply Be) carry an excellent select in of thigh slimmer’s that will work well for pears. For your outfit choose darker colours on your lower half and brighter colours on top to draw attention away from your hips.

Apple Shaped

Apple shaped figures tend to have wider shoulders and narrow hips with any extra weight being concentrated on the bust and tummy. To balance your figure you should aim to draw attention to your bottom half. This look can be achieved by choosing your outerwear with patterns and bolder colours on the lower half keeping the top half in a solid colour.  Shapewear wise waist cinchers are going to be your best friend this year. A really good, hold it all in style is what you need to create definition and instant balance to your silhouette. Try the Miraclesuit classics waist cincher and “look ten pounds lighter in ten seconds’, this is one of Gok’s favourite pieces and he has used it regularly on THIS Morning TV. You can buy that at Figleaves

Larger Tummy

If you carry all your weight on your tummy but are reasonably well proportioned elsewhere then you should go for a tummy control garment like a high waist brief. These garments will not flatten the bottom but concentrate all their power on the tummy panels and really give you a smoother flatter tummy in seconds. Choose a high waist option as the ones that finish on the waist often create unsightly muffin top effects, the high waist smooths out the additional weight all the way up to the bra line and will give you a much more effective loo

Whatever your bodyshape or problem area there is a piece of shapewear to help… just make sure that you always buy the size you are and not the size you want to be! Buying the size you actually are will ensure that the garments are comfortable, will fit well and will give you the smoothing and slimming effect you need.

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