Christmas Help

Happy Christmas from all of us here at the Sunflower Trust. We hope you all have a fantastic festive break.

With excitement and sugar levels at their peak, we thought you might find our five steps to calmness useful during the holiday. We hope you find these useful in your own families, but also feel free to publish them if you like; we have included our logo and a picture.

1. Uninterrupted breathing – encourage your child to spend a few moments concentrating on their breathing. This will calm their body down and also serve as a distraction.

2. Positive face – ask your child to do a silly smile; it’s definitely much harder to feel angry or stressed when you are smiling.

3. Balanced posture – stand up tall together, releasing tension and helping the blood flow.

4. Release muscle tension – help your child to feel more relaxed by concentrating on thinking about something calm and enjoyable.

5. Mental control – encourage some positive thoughts and help your child to feel in control by asking: “What could you do to make yourself feel better?”

Have a lovely Christmas.

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