Conscious Parenting and Its KEY Benefits 

“Once you understand more of your consciousness, your child’s consciousness enhances” – Sidra Jafri

If you are wanting to contribute in creating a world of creatives, free thinkers and intelligent children, it is time to open their consciousness and understand their soul’s needs on a deeper level.

Why is conscious parenting important? 

Conscious parenting plays an essential part when connecting with your child(ren) on a day to day basis. Have you found yourself getting upset at their “bad behaviour” or you’re concerned about their bedwetting, or perhaps (s)he is finding it difficult to make friends. As parents we want whats best for our child(ren), striving to create opportunities for them. Every parent has dreaded the terrible 2 phase, some breeze through this chapter whilst other parents split hairs.

Whatever you’re parental experiences or the age of your child(ren), this article shares with you conscious parenting insights that lead you to discover possible contributing factors to your chid(rens) challenges.

Have you ever looked at your child(ren) and wondered where(s)he inherited the disobedience streak from or worried as to when they would get over bed wetting. Conscious parenting develops your senses, enabling you to trace the point of creation of any child rearing issues through observation and comparison.

Take 15 year old Katie, her friend betrayed her by sharing a secret about Katie resulting in her feeling excluded from their circle of friends. Developing acne pushed her further into isolation and long periods of her time are spent locked away in her room. As a parent you wish you could do something to remedy the situation.

A conscious parenting approach would be for both parents to look back at your schooling experiences at that age recalling any occasions where you experienced isolation or betrayal.

80% of the time there are striking similarities in the ages that either or both parents experienced similar challenges or trauma(s).

The advantage of this conscious insight is that once you start to recognise the influence of past experiences being passed through genetic imprint or the surrounding environment you can all take steps towards repairing or changing the contributing element(s).

In using this Conscious Parenting tip you will come to experience the key benefits of understanding the relationship between you and your child(rens) is not only just bound by blood, but also by the unresolved experiences that you are now being called to resolve once you have recognised what is truly being reflected in your child’s current challenges.

What if for this week you observe your child as a part of your consciousness outside of you? His/her behaviour is either asking you to look back at your experiences at that age and/or observe the environment and whether there are possible contributing factors that are impacting his/her mood/behaviour.

Most of the time, your frustration or upset is triggered because you don’t understand where this (behaviour/issue) has stemmed from. We hope with this Conscious Parenting tip are able open to personally observing and recognising the probable contributor(s) and check in next time where we share part 2 of understanding consciousness.

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