Does the thought of September have you or your little ones feeling wobbly?

The advent of the new school year is a significant time of transition for kids and parents alike. Adjusting to new routines, environments, people and expectations can result in a cascading of big emotions. We all need a self-care toolkit to top up our energy banks and boost our resilience in the face of these challenges. Below is an extract from Stand Tall Like a Mountain by Suzy Reading  Aster | Flexiback | £12.99. The book has some great ideas on ways to boost confidence and calm. Family self-care practices of breathing and stretching and more.

Try this self-care gems, for parents, kids and for the whole family to enjoy together:

Stand Tall Like a Mountain

Purpose: to energize, uplift and boost confidence and courage.

Stand upright with your feet hip-width apart. Place your arms down by your sides and gaze forward. As you breathe in, raise your arms out to your sides and reach them overhead. Gaze up and press your palms together. As you breathe out, lower your arms down by your sides, elevating the crown of your head and look forward. Focus all your attention on how it feels to be moving, keeping your mind anchored on this present moment. Repeat this arm movement with your breath six times, noticing how it helps you breathe deeply and how you feel when you breathe better. On the last repetition, hold the pose with your arms overhead for a few breaths, feeling the length of your spine, the strength of your legs and tummy. Notice the sense of power, energy and focus you feel when you reach up and stand tall like a mountain.

This is an extract from Stand Tall Like a Mountain by Suzy Reading  Aster | Flexiback | £12.99. The book has some great ideas on breathing and stretching

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