Explore the outdoors as a family

Family time is extremely precious – Once families go their separate ways and children grow up, it can be increasingly hard to find time to spend together. Bond can become broken and relationships can be reduced to a text message or phone call once in a blue moon.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, it is important to make the most of your family time and engage in worthwhile activities and adventures that will bring you closer together. Outdoor activities, in particular, are a perfect choice and you will see why once you have read the 5 reasons listed below. Why not consider camping? Or why not travel to the coast and try your hand at Coasteering? Alternatively, why not have a go at surfing lessons or even bushcraft? Listed in no particular order, see how exploring the outdoors can prove beneficial, and renew your family ties.

1. Gain a greater understanding of our planet and Mother Nature

Our planet is precious and it is important to learn about the natural environment. Exploring the outdoors as a family will allow you to learn about Mother Nature in an interesting and engaging way. You will feel, touch and smell different flowers, trees and plants, learn about the geology of our coastlines and see a myriad of different wildlife species in their natural habitat.

2. Strengthen the bonds between your family members

Spending time together as a family will help improve your relationships and strengthen the bonds you share. You will be in each other’s company; communicate, share stories, laugh and create memories together. As time progresses, the appreciation of your family members will increase and you will remember little details about them that you might have forgotten. Your fondness will grow and as you engage in outdoor activities together, you will truly relax and unwind in their company.

3. Reduce the time spent glued to a digital screen

In today’s modern world, the great outdoors often takes a back seat to the delights of digital technology. Why should a family go out and explore when they can watch a documentary on their TV instead? Spending time outdoors and engaging in fun-filled family activities will pull you away from your Smartphones, Tablets and TV’s – You can expand your families mind and introduce them to a different part of life that is just as important.

4. Encourage your children to stay active and keep fit

Outdoor activities such as Coasteering and surfing are fantastic ways to keep fit and help improve the health of your family. Due to our busy lives, physical activity is often hard to fit in, therefore a dedicated trip or a weekend away will ensure that you and your family exercise your muscles and get your heartbeats racing!

5. Create fond memories to look back on in the future

Finally, the memories you create during these times of family outdoor exploration will stay in your mind for many years to come. You can look back fondly on the times you have shared together and those memories can never be taken away. Imagine sitting in your home 10 years from now and thinking about the time that your youngest son surfed his first wave, or when your partner dive-bombed from that 20ft cliff and caused a tidal wave!

Why not have a look at the variety of outdoor tours and excursions available at a location near your or around the UK? As the summer approaches, the possibilities are endless and the British countryside is waiting to be discovered!


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