Half-term headaches caused by parents failing to put eye tests first

Vision Express, the leading experts in eye health, has revealed that October half term is one of the most popular times to have children’s eyes tested, as kids adjust to life in the classroom during the autumn term.

Research commissioned by the opticians this summer showed that eye tests fall low on the to do list in the rush of back to school, with 70% of parents prioritising buying uniforms including school shoes.* With less than 10% of parents putting an eye test first, which can cause a headache that needs to be addressed as the autumn term progresses.** Worryingly, 45% of children who did have their eyes tested found out that they had poor eyesight .  Top triggers included following the recommendation of getting them tested every two years (42%), their child getting headaches (17%) or noticing they were squinting (14%). Over 13% had their child’s eyes tested because they couldn’t see the board in class . Frequent squinting or frowning, excessive eye rubbing, skipping words when reading, and tired eyes or headaches, are all some of the signs parents can look out for in their children that mean they could have an undetected eye problem.

To encourage all family members to take their vision seriously over half term, Vision Express will be offering a Free Family Eye Test during school holidays. When parents book a child’s eye test, they can receive an adult’s appointment for free. The offer is valid throughout each half term and can be booked by phoning your local Vision Express and asking for the free family eye test.


* Markettiers survey, August 2018

** Markettiers survey, August 2018


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