Orchard Toys launch 6 new travel-size mini games for summer!

Award-winning creator of educational games and jigsaws Orchard Toys have ensured your next family trip will be easy and fun. Six new lines to their popular mini game range have launched. Based on traditional family favourites, the range gives classic games, from snakes and ladders to happy families, a fun ‘Orchard Toys’ twist!

Llamas in Pyjamas

is a matching game featuring quirky llama characters dressed in pyjamas. Players must build as many llamas as possible before the sleeping llama picture is completed! Age 3-6

Little Bug Bingo

is a colourful minibeast bingo game for ages 3-6. This fun bingo game features both familiar and unfamiliar bugs children will enjoy learning and identifying, from ladybirds and bumblebees to water boatmen.

Spiders and Spouts

is a fun, spider-themed snakes and ladders game for ages 4-6. Great to take out and about, the game features colourful characters from the popular Insey Winsey Spider nursery rhyme.

Animal Families

is a fun matching and memory game, based on the classic game of Happy Families. Designed for children aged 4 and above, players must collect three sets of friendly animal families to win the game.

Jungle Dominoes

is a colourful domino game for ages 3-6. Featuring friendly jungle animals from elephants to tigers, this fun game is bound to be a hit with children and families alike.

Animal Match

is a fun animal snap for ages 3-6. Snap is a classic game which the whole family can enjoy, and the friendly animal characters make it even more appealing to all ages.

Dinosaur Dominoes

is a fun dinosaur-themed game with cute, colourful dinosaurs that both girls and boys will love. Featuring 28 colourful dominoes, children will enjoy talking about the different types of dinosaurs they can see on the cards!

Little Bus Lotto

is an animal-themed lotto game featuring 24 animal characters who all want to board the Orchard Toys bus! While children collect animal passengers, they will also love seeing and talking about what activities they are up to on the bus.

Jungle Snakes & Ladders

is a jungle-themed mini version of the popular family favourite. Players must avoid the slithering snakes to climb the ladders to the finish line and join the cheeky monkeys!
Based on the classic game of Beetle Drive, Build a Beetle features four smiley and quirky beetle characters which children must match, body part by body part. Fun and laughter are guaranteed as players try to be the first to build their beetle!

Crocodile Snap

is a fun twist on the traditional game of snap, with quirky animal characters including superhero crocodiles and gorillas drinking tea! Players shout out ‘snap!’ for matching pairs, but when they spot a pair of crocodiles they must ‘snap’ their arms instead!

Penguin Pairs

features 32 colourful shaped penguin character cards to match. Suitable as a single player activity or a multi-player game, children will love matching the quirky penguin characters in their cool costumes from around the world!
Available at £4.99 from all good retailers. For further information visit www.orchardtoys.com

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