3 Essential Tips For Parents Running A Business From Home

Running a small business? And working from home? With kids?

It sounds impossible, but for many parents it’s an everyday reality. Whether it’s a business founded on remote working or one that has adapted due to the pandemic, countless enterprises have found success with all or most of their employees working from home.

If you get the mix just right, you could have a recipe for success on your hands. But juggling the challenges of small business ownership, working from home and the full-time commitment of your wonderful family is no small task.

If you think you’re got what it takes, check out these three top tips for busy parents with business ambitions.

  1. Establish a routine

work from homeDraw up a schedule for your week, outlining set working times to get your head down and focus on the important stuff.

And remember – stick to it! It’s crucial that that work time is protected, as procrastinated tasks will only build up the to do list, and your stress.

Remember too that it’s also important to safeguard your free time, so set aside dedicated periods where logging on is an absolute no-no. Taking that time away from work it extremely important for your wellbeing and will ultimately make you far more efficient that overworking yourself.

Establishing a routine for yourself is not only good for you but for your children too – knowing when to focus and when to relax sets a positive example for them.

  1. Self-promote

Self-promotion is difficult as a small business owner. Often, you’ll rely on word of mouth to locate new customers, which is an effective enough method but can limit your growth.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are beginning to make the most of the internet, and whether you’re trading exclusively online Business at homeor meeting customers face-to-face, digital marketing is one of the most effective techniques to find new customers and boost sales online and IRL.

There are professionals out there that can help you get started with. But if you’d like to keep your operations closer to home, a Digital Marketing BSc with ARU Distance Learning can be studied anywhere, anytime and will give you the skills to create your own online marketing campaign.

  1. Ask for help

No man is an island, and whether you’re single or parenting with a partner, you’ll need some support along the way, whether that’s from your significant other, your friends, your family or your employees.Delegate

Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks. It’s important to have the right staff on hand to help when running a business, but once you’ve found them, make the most of their skills – not only will it relieve stress from your mind, but that trust will also maximise their job satisfaction.

In your personal life, don’t be afraid to seek support from loved ones – whether that’s help with babysitting, household chores or daily errands, it’s better to ask than run yourself ragged with an impossible task list!

Running a business from home is hard, and with kids, it’s even harder. But if you strike the balance just right, the rewards really will pay off.

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