Primigi Shoes for those First Steps

There are a number of shoe fitting and sizing criteria that we should all follow, but it’s especially important for children.  Children’s feet are very delicate and we must look after them right from the start. The first year or so of life, babies’ feet are different in many ways from those of an adult.

Firstly they are a different shape, being wider in the forefoot and narrow at the heel with the toes often being “curly”. Secondly the bones are undeveloped and consist of cartilage, so they are soft and pliable. The 26 bones in each foot gradually develop throughout the early years, becoming basically bony by the age of 7-8 years. However, they are not fully developed until the late teens. So when we buy any children’s shoes we need to consider the shoe’s construction and materials, as well the fit . The type of closure, the supportive elements of the shoe are also important. With Primigi you also get style, originality and dynamic attributes.

Stable and Comfortable

All Primigi shoes are manufactured with light and breathable materials. They have developed the shoes with the necessary technical details. Their shoes support the first steps of our children safely. The soles contain an anti-shock system to protect ankles from impact. The rounded tip allows toes to move freely without restrictions. The stuffed collar and the reinforced counter heel help the child to have a more stable and comfortable walk. Plus some have practical closures with Velcro and zippers allowing mums and dads to get the shoes on quickly!


Nickel allergy is a common cause of allergic contact dermatitis — an itchy rash that appears where your skin touches a usually harmless substance. The metallic parts on the shoes are nickel-free to prevent allergic reactions. They have less nasty chemicals than others, with the lining being free of Chromium. (Most leather is tanned using chromium.) All Primigi shoes (not sandals) come with removable leather insoles, to ensure total hygiene and comfort.

More and more parents are turning to Primigi for their know-how. The company, established in 1976, has developed over those years quality products for children. The performance of the shoes, the materials used, meticulous attention to detail are qualities that parents demand. The unrivalled quality-price ratio make Primigi’s shoes a must for all.  Primigi first steps shoes are perfect for children who want to enjoy the season in style. Fashion and quality distinguish the footwear brand that has always been attentive to children’s basic needs, without ever losing sight of their well-being.

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