STOJO Reusable Collapsible Cup

Many of use believed that disposable coffee cups were recyclable. Although technically they are recyclable due to the complicated way in which they are produced, the vast majority of coffee cups do not end up being recycled.

Though they are made largely of paper, disposable coffee cups are lined with plastic polyethylene, which is tightly bonded to the paper making the cups waterproof and therefore able to contain liquid. In reality less than 1 per cent of coffee cups ever end being recycled.

STOJO – The On-the-Go Collapsible Cup #ReuseMonth

Stojo is the world’s first ultra-portable, leak-proof reusable cup, designed to pop into your bag or pocket, perfect for those who are active and always on the go. Designed by three NY based friends to cater for the often hectic and cramped subway lifestyle, Stojo is light and durable, and is made from recyclable materials that exclude phthalates, glues and BPA.

Speaking about Stojo, co-designer and founder Jurrien Swarts said,
“As New Yorkers, we work and live on the go. We seldom drive, which means having to carry everything with us that we need for the day. When you’re battling morning rush hour on the subway, biking to work, or pushing a pushchair around, adding a bulky travel mug to the equation just isn’t an option. Unfortunately, like most people, we often end up choosing the convenience of a disposable cup over doing the right thing for the planet. A few years ago, while on a coffee break the three of us began talking about the disposable cups in our hands and how Americans toss 58 billion disposable cups annually. Aware that we were contributing directly to that staggering number, we decided to do something about it.”

About Auteur Limited

Based in Deddington, Oxfordshire, Auteur is the UK Home of bobble, Corkcicle, Stojo, Hip and Roll’eat. Our story began in 2010 with bobble and quickly grew, encompassing brands that are sustainably aware and offer an alternative to single-serve waste. We are passionate about design-led products that do their bit to help the environment and add to your personal style whilst doing so.

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