Student Spices Kit

Kids off to Uni and you are worried about what they’ll eat? How about a bit of help in that survival kit parents send with their teenagers? A student spices kit with step-by-step recipes from Spicentice, allows even the most novice chef to cook up some tasty meals.

Make sure they continue to eat proper, great tasting, and healthy food. The idea of Spicentice came from Ketan Varu, whilst at university. He was missing his mother’s home cooked food, so he got recipes and spices sent to him by his mother. From cooking curries for himself, he began to share the spices with his friends and that’s when the idea of Spicentice was born!

The online store features dozens of traditional culinary spices and herbs. Good quality of pure spices and herbs from all over the world. You don’t need to buy large quantities of a spice you are not sure how to use. The meals kits and rubs are expertly blended by hand, measured and packaged right here in the UK.

The recently launched a Student Survival Pack contains eight different spice kits to cook up delicious fake-away meals and are great value for money. They even provide you with a shopping lists on the website. Only £15.00 for:

1 x Chips & Wedges
1 x Gourmet Burger Rub
1 x Chinese Chicken Curry
1 x Fajita kit
1 x Turkish Doner Kebab
1 x Chickpea Curry
1 x Southern Style Chicken
1 x Peri Peri Chicken

Individual kits cost between £1.59 and £2.99 – great for the student budget.

You can order the kits online and get them delivered straight to your door, which is perfect for concerned parents wanting to make sure their children are eating something other than takeaways!

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