Swaddle Up Warm this Winter!

Babies love to be swaddled. It is a traditional practice of wrapping a baby up gently in a light, breathable blanket to help them feel calm and sleep. They should only have their body wrapped and not their neck or head. The idea is that being swaddled will help your little one feel snug and secure, like how they felt in your womb. The team at Cheeky Rascals are delighted to offer their options in the ingenious Love to Dream Swaddle UP range. In a cosy 2.5 tog, the warm collection includes the classic Swaddle UP design, alongside the innovative Transition SUIT, right through to Sleep SUIT for extra movement.

The iconic Swaddle UP design encourages little ones to drift off into a restful night’s sleep in their natural ‘arms up’ position, without restricting movement. The soft wing design keeps little ones from accidentally scratching their face, whilst still being able to have access to their hands to self-soothe. Now available in a warm design made with a 2.5 tog integrated bamboo blanket, any new arrivals during the colder months are sure to stay cosy in the land of nod!

As little dreamers develop into ‘arms-free’ sleep, the Transition SUIT is perfect for progressing to the next stage, whilst still offering the secure feeling of being swaddled. With 5 options in one suit, the multi-purpose sleep solution is perfect for adjusting to the changeable weather in the colder months. The zip off wings can be simply interchanged with full sleeves, giving little ones more movement whilst still keeping them toasty!

Not forgetting the 2.5 Sleep SUIT, perfect for keeping comfy and warm during playtime and bedtime! The loose fitting, 2.5 tog fabric, enables little ones to move freely whilst the built-in quilted blanket eliminates the need for loose layers during sleep. The 100% natural cotton fabric is gentle against delicate skin making the Sleep SUIT ideal for snuggling in bed or on the sofa during wintery days!

Founder of Cheeky Rascals, Selina Russell, commented on the launch: ‘We’re so pleased to be able to offer little ones fantastic sleep solutions during the colder months, making bedtime easier for little ones and parents alike! The Love To Dream warm collection has options for all little dreamers to have a restful night’s sleep, so we are sure they are going to be a huge success with parents this winter.’

Swaddle Up Warm 2.5 Tog RRP: £31.99 Transition SUIT Warm 2.5 Tog RRP: £39.99 Sleep Suit 2.5 Tog RRP: £44.99

Available from www.lovetodream.co.uk

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