Total Diet Food Ltd

Total Diet Food Ltd owned by Ben and Maria as manager and chef run this diet service that delivers home-cooked fresh food.

Personalised plans ensuring you hit your health or weight loss goals with healthy food. The aim is to help you change your eating lifestyle. Maria has been in the industry for over 7 years and acts as your personal chef and nutritionist, Ben will make sure your service is flawless seven days a week.

Everything is cooked overnight to ensure that they deliver the freshest food possible. Their clients choose Total Diet Food Ltd for a variety of reasons, some wish to lose weight, others just want to eat healthily, but everyone agrees it’s the convenience of having their full diet prepared and delivered to their door that sells the idea.

As it’s a small company, they can provide the most genuinely personalised plan so it suits exactly what you want. Delivered meals come in plastic containers in a cool bag, along with cutlery. Most dishes can be served hot or cold. The meals are delicious and well-seasoned.

A recent market study showed that their plans are on average 25.7% lower priced than their direct competitors. From £29.99 per day (three meals, two snacks). Delivery within M25 only. or call on 020 86778265

Sample menu

Breakfast Low Fat Natural Yoghurt with Grapes, Seed Mix, Puffed Rice and Dried Cranberries

Lunch Free Range Chicken with Organic Quinoa, Carrot and Beetroot Salad and Wassabi Dressing

Afternoon Snack Homemade Nut and Fruit Bar

Evening Meal Minced Beef Casserole with Baby Potatoes, Cauliflower, Courgettes and Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Evening Snack   Blackberries, Mango and Brazil Nuts

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