Turn Night-time Anxieties into Confidence & Bravery

Former children everywhere will readily admit that night-time often used to be a nerve-wracking, palm-sweating experience. From fears of the dark to the hairy monsters hiding under the bed, childhood imagination gets the better of almost all youngsters.

In his new book, Justin Davis helps children turn these fears into boundless bravery and confidence. ‘The Snark!’ is wholly unique; using lyrical prose, sharp humour and even interactivity to turn those bedtime blues into sheer excitement.

“What’s a Snark?” I hear you cry.

Night-time can be scary, and this delightfully illustrated story shows us how natural those fears and anxieties are. Once children can identify and understand their fears, they can begin to overcome them, and we can all have a good night’s sleep! 

Told in lyrical prose and with a dash of humour, this light-hearted story will help you and your child deal with night-time anxieties in a safe and reassuring way.

“There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep,” admits the author. “But, for many children, this is simply hampered by deep-rooted fears either of the dark, or of things lurking in the bedroom. While it’s totally natural, I wanted to craft something that would bring out a child’s inner bravery and empower them to see night-time as an opportunity to get that solid sleep they (and their parents!) crave. What better way to do it than through a rhyming, illustrated story?

I wanted young readers to be able to wrap themselves in the story and resonate with it as much as possible, so I’ve also included instructions on how to draw a monster, and given them an entire page to come up with their own creation. It’s going to help them address their anxieties in a very dignified and loving way.”

‘The Snark!’ is available now. A good story book which is colourfully illustrated and its light heartedness helps your child deal with night-time fears and anxieties. Recommend

Amazon UK-  https://amzn.to/3jWy9P7

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