Unusual UK family days out for any weather

Family days out are the perfect way to bond with your favourable troop of people. Keeping the kids and adults both entertained can be mission impossible, but by choose something a little unusual but memorable is the perfect way to please everyone.
The UK is blessed with unpredictable weather, making it all too easy to stay trapped within the safety of your home. Here are some great ideas for unique family days out in the UK, whatever the weather, which will motivate you to cast off the shackles and get out.

Monkey World- Ape Rescue Centre, Dorset

This intriguing attraction has the largest collection of chimpanzees, apes and monkeys in the UK. These animals are captivating; you could sit and watch them all day. Chimpanzees are the most intelligent of all the animals meaning they use human gestures and facial expressions. They utilise tools to catch their own food and they communicate with each other through panting, barking and drumming. Their human-like actions are bound to have you all in fits of giggles.
Monkey World was set up in 1987 to re-home abused chimpanzees. It has developed into 65 acres of fascination and has hundreds of rescues primates. The sanctuary takes exquisite care of the animals and they happily perform, play and just generally live their lives, all in front of your eyes, both educational and fun.

Jack the Ripper tours, London

Walking tours are great ways to see cities and to explore new places through the leadership of an experienced guide. Jack the ripper walking tours throw in a mix of fascination and enchant you with the history of the wold’s most infamous serial killer.
If you and your family are thrill seekers, adventure enthusiasts and love anything exhilarating, then you will love this. Discovering a mystery that is still yet to be solved sparks imagination and it is a completely authentic experience. The tour takes you through the horrors that took place in the East End and gives you an insight into the world Jack the Ripper and his victims lived in.

Miniature tank driving, Wales

This attraction is bound to bring out the big kid in everyone. With the opportunity to drive and race scale model tanks around a track is a fun and competitive way to spend the day with your family. Your driving skills will be tested as you navigate your way around obstacles and use lasers to neutralise the targets.
The children can get active and competitive independently also and ride 50cc quads safely on a purpose built track. Miniature tank driving is a great way to educate them about military machinery as well as give them a thrilling and exciting day out. It is certain to have them loving the outdoors and fresh air, whatever the weather.

Pollock’s Toy Museum, Central London

This attraction is bound to bring out the bright eyes of children. It features all kind of toys from every single corner of the world. All situated in an eccentric house with twisting staircases that really set the perfect atmosphere.
The attraction began many years ago from an attic room in a single house near Covent Garden. It took over the whole building and then had to be relocated at the end of the sixties to accommodate to the growing collection of teddy bears, wax and china dolls, optical toys, mechanical toys, doll’s houses and toy theatres.
It’s an amazing place to educate your children on history and also intrigue them with hundreds of different types of toys to explore.

So, this weekend don’t stay trapped in the house wondering what there is to do and constantly checking the weather to see if it’s safe to go outside. These are all activities you can do whatever the weather and accommodate to everyone, big and small.

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