Ranieri Fitness Products

Ranieri has a variety of fitness products perfect for those who want to look good and feel great in 2014.

MisFit Shine 99.95 / Available from John Lewis The Shine is an elegant fitness activity monitor that can be worn on the wrist, as a necklace or as a discreet accessory anywhere on the body for up to four months without the need for charging. Fully waterproof, the Shine tracks a range of sporting activities and all information is fed back to an app for instant viewing of daily progress.
misfitScosche Rhythm 99.99 / The Scosche Rhythm yellow and pink is available now from Apple Stores The s first lightweight pulse monitor that attaches to your forearm. Thanks to its Bluetooth technology, the device can be controlled wirelessly through a smartphone or tablet application, allowing the user to manage pulse, calories burned, distance, speed and pace through its free downloadable app. It also streams music wirelessly whilst you work out.


LULUMO backis a Posture and Activity Sensor with an accompanying app that not only monitors a user’s posture, but also coaches to encourage improvement throughout the day. Worn underneath or over clothes, the sensor gently vibrates when it detects slouching, and will keep track of steps taken, time spent sitting,
calories burned, and even sleep habits.MOback £129.95 / LUMOback is available now from Apple Stores http://www.lumoback.com


Jabra SPORT+ £79.99 / Available from Amazon.co.uk The Jabra Sport Wireless+ earphones deliver outstanding wireless sound with a powerful bass response. Without annoying wires there are seven ear gel design options to lock in securely and a comfortable neck cable with a fit clip. There is also a built in FM Radio and each unit comes with a voucher that gives users three months free subscription to Endomondo Premium, an app to help track workouts and analyse training.



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