Matterhorn: One of the most photographed mountains

Matterhorn: One of the most photographed mountains in the world

The Matterhorn is perhaps one of the most recognizable mountains in the world. He has become the protagonist of manyMatterhorn brands and the logo of many companies. But this mountain can give you so much that you can not even imagine. You do not need to climb it to enjoy it. Instead, you enjoy it in a variety of ways.

The Matterhorn is an imposing mountain in the Alps, on the border of Italy and Switzerland. It has a height of 4,478 meters, which ranks it among the highest peaks of the Alps. It has the shape of a “snowy” pyramid. The first successful ascent to the Matterhorn took place in 1865 under the leadership of Edward Weiber, but it did not end so well. The Matterhorn has now become the trademark of the Alps and Switzerland. Thousands of tourists and climbers come to the mountain every year.

What to eat – what to try

One of the most traditional dishes of the area is the cheese fondue and you can find it in almost all restaurants. Also do notmatterhorn miss two more traditional dishes Raclette and Rosti. The second has mainly eggs, potatoes and cheeses. Also try wine and local beers and of course do not miss the traditional mulled wine (gluhwein).

Where to eat

While you are in the ski resort of Zermatt, you will see that each stop – and there are many – has its own restaurant, if not two or three. Choose to dine in Furry Village and Bergrestaurant Furry Restaurant. It had very prompt service and good food. You will be amazed by the awe-inspiring taste combinations, which will fill you with energy for the rest of the activities that you will undertake.


MatterhornThere are many activities on this mountain. Depending on your taste and appetite, choose what you like. Hiking, mountaineering, ice climbing, helicopter flight around the Matterhorn, paragliding, specially designed track, skating and curling. You can try all these activities by booking a vacation package, which will include in its facilities and all these additional benefits. Choosing a Matterhorn resort for your stay, from the company Erna Low you will have selected a complete vacation program which in no way can be compared with the other corresponding programs of other travel agencies.

When to go

The ideal time to visit the Matterhorn is, of course, winter. Then winter sports are at their best, and you can enjoy the snowy landscape in all its grandeur. Of course, the summer season is not bad either. Then you can conquer the peaks of the area and walk its paths.

The Matterhorn presents a shocking charm that is an inspiration and a target for many visitors. This majestic term continues to enchant the public to this day. With dozens of aspects that attract its visitors and its rich history, it is one of the truly unique mountains of the Alps and the world. The Matterhorn is a product of geological processes that transcend man and his perception of time.

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