3 Tips For Planning Your Child’s Birthday Party

1 – Consult Your Child

Whilst it’s easier to think you know what will make your son or daughter happy, it’s often best to ask what they would like to do for their special day. Think themes, invitations, food and location. Set some guidelines/suggest ideas (based on budget), but by allowing your child to have a say, you can both ensure it’s what they want, and help them take ownership of their party.

2 – Siblings Should Play a Part

It’s tempting to arrange siblings to be with their friends during a party, however asking them to be part of the party, often giving them a job such as greeter/gift taker, allows them to feel part of their sibling’s day in a fun way and adds a sense of responsibility whilst supporting their brother or sister.

3 – Entertainment

Depending on your budget you can hire an entertainer, arrange games to play or think outside the box. For example Surrey based events company Clownfish Events offer the chance for party goers to draw on a car (yes, a real car!), or play “Combat Games”, this goes back to point 1, decide on your budget and consult your child on what entertainment would make their birthday a day that they will remember forever.

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