Best Shoes for Babies, Toddlers and Children

We’ve chosen Primigi shoes to review, because as well as the designs being modern and eye-catching, the shoe technology is second to none. Give your child’s feet the best start in these stylish, comfortable, well-priced shoes. Tried and tested by real mum, Melissa, with her two children, Ava aged 4, and Isaac 1.

What were your first impressions?

Amazing shoes. They fit both of the children absolutely perfectly. I love that they are a high-quality leather and that Primigi is very focused on foot health. There were so many different styles I had had difficulty choosing just one pair each!

Ava’s boots are absolutely gorgeous! I love them in every way and so does my 4-year-old daughter. Issac’s shoes are cute and look comfortable.

What about the fit?

Fantastic. They fit beautifully the quality of the leather is excellent. The sole on the boots have a good tread as well as being flexible. Both pairs are light, soft and ergonomically shaped. I looked at their website which has good sizing tips info

How do you rate the shoes overall?

Both I and my daughter absolutely adore the boots! They are a definite hit with both of us. My daughter loved that they looked grown up in style. I’m impressed with the quality, appearance and functionality. My son’s shoes were obviously comfortable as he is new to shoe wearing and just loves running around in them. The shoes are obviously made with quality soft leather. I also like the fact that they are both chrome and nickel free.

Do you know the Primigi Brand

I have seen them in some local independent shoe shops but I’ve never bought them before. Having seen them I wish I had bought them sooner!

Do the children find them comfortable to wear?

Yes both are more than happy to wear them. They love the flexibility of the sole allowing easy movement. Also the anti-shock heels help with the jumping and running. Both sets are easy to get on. The boots have elastic and zip fastenings. The boys shoes have double Velcro for a secure fit. I like the removable insole. It’s a good idea for hygiene and drying.

Yes I would. I love the quality, comfort and style I would rather pay a bit more to know my children were in shoes good for their feet. You can’t put a price on getting the right shoe for my growing children. Their feet are still delicate. Cheap shoes can lead to bad posture and unsteady first steps.


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