Celebrating Black History month with the compelling Story of Claudia Jones

Buried beside Karl Marx in Highgate cemetery Claudia Jones was a force to be reckoned with. At Canada Water Theatre on 15th October 2022, Black Heroes Foundation will take you on a journey of her life story, through an innovative blend of drama, song, photography, and film.

Claudia Jones, Trinidadian born, US immigrant, political activist, and victim of the USA McCarthy era. She was arrested three times during the McCarthy anti-communist witch-hunts, eventually serving nine months in prison. Shortly after her release in the early 1960s, she was deported to England.

In Britain, she continued her struggles against racism and peace playing a leading role in the West Indian community, despite suffering from ill health. She founded Britain’s first major black newspaper, the West Indian Gazette, and is known as the mother of the Caribbean Carnival in London, the precursor to the world-famous Notting Hill Carnival.

Black history is all our history 

The Story of Claudia Jones seeks to inform and empower its audiences and increase public understanding and appreciation of Black history and culture. It is an explosion of storytelling, with colour, sound, emotion, and audience participation designed to appeal across the divide bringing the Story of Claudia Jones to the hearts and minds of youths and adults from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Donations:  https://localgiving.org/charity/Black-Heroes/

Canada Water Theatre box office: https://www.canadawatertheatre.org.uk/2530/The-Story-of-Claudia-Jones

Tickets also available via Albany Theatre box office: https://www.thealbany.org.uk/shows/the-story-of-claudia-jones/

Promo Video: https://youtu.be/9ooqaFQ6yS0

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