Six of the World’s best equestrian performance artists will be performing together for the first time inLondonat the hotly anticipated ‘Adrenaline’ show at ExCel this November.

 Running for three nights, from 16-18 November, Adrenaline is a unique action-packed show that will feature some of the world’s leading equestrian artists in an amazing mixture of acrobatics, stunt riding, dancing horses and special effects.

 Bringing together the world’s greatest equestrian performance artists alongside the artistic director Phillipe Chainet and adding in the magical flair of Roland Breand as stage director (whose CV includes large scale concerts for Jean Michel Jarre and others), Adrenaline sets out to thrill its audiences from the moment the show begins.

 The world famous “Flying Frenchman”, Lorenzo will headline with his troop of 12 grey Lusitano horses. With no bridles, Lorenzo’s new show for Adrenaline will showcase his natural horsemanship and extreme riding skills while galloping and jumping around the stadium standing on the back of his horses.

 For the first time ever, Lorenzo will be accompanied by a full line-up of other world-leading equestrian artists, many of whom have not performed in theUKbefore.

 The other acts include Gilles Fortier, a master of special effects combining fire, dance, theatre, circus arts and pyrotechnics; Clémence Faivre, heralded ‘theequestrian artist of the moment’, who combines beauty, talent and emotion in an impressive dance of highly theatrical dressage with her Portuguese-Arab stallion Gotan; Los Rios – an action packed, adrenaline fuelled stunt troupe from Camargue in the South of France. Performing incredible Cossack and Hungarian stunts at breakneck speed, the team comprises four riders including three brothers and the incredible young rider, Tess; Joel Chacon is an acrobat, clown and talented horseman who performs a series of vignettes; Hap Ô Tempo, an equestrian arts company who specialise in traditional circus vaulting and acrobatics. Founders Emilie Jumeaux and Charles Lamarche both have performance backgrounds – Emilie studied the art of circus acrobatics from the age of 15, training with the illustrious Domeneco Caroli and Charles was born into a family of performers and was recently performing with Cirque du Soleil in Saka.

 Information about tickets and the special rates available for children, families, students, senior citizens and groups is online at www.EquiCirque.com or go to www.Facebook.com/EquiCirque and www.Twitter.com/EquiCirque  


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