Eufy Smart Electric Bulbs

Eufy Lumos Smart Bulbs

These eufy lumos bulbs are very useful and fun. And a long guarantee. We think they are great!

They work with Alexa, to add voice controls: “Alexa, turn on living room lights!”, and some can be tied to music, and 16 million colours give more options than you could ever imagine. So for quiet moods at home, or PARTY! these are of great use.

eufy bulbsSoft White and dimmable:    Eufy Smart White Bulbs at Argos

There are also timer options for all sorts of purposes including security.

Do you want different colours, different brightness, different effects? These bulbs controlled by an App on your phone, gives you a variety of options.

Top of range: Eufy Smart  White & Colour Bulbs at Argos

Tuneable: Eufy Lumos Tuneable White Bulbs at Argos

So to adjust brightnmess, select white mode, or colour mode, or flow, all are possible. But add away mode, and can manage a group, and multi users. They also have converters to bayonet fittings.

For more information and to answer questions on these and many great home products:


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