FourFit Mini 2 Watch Tracker for Children

FourFit Mini 2

FourfitThis FourFit Mini 2 tracker watch  is designed for children 10 years+. In our review we also had a adults try it. One said it would be a good lower priced alternative to her FitBit.

We had fun charging it, as the strap pulls off one side of the watch to reveal a USB connection. By necessity, the strap is secure, and adult’s strength to detach it. It plugs into any USB port. A colourful display was a pleasant surprise. Youngsters liked the  slim style, smooth with the wrist band (which can come in five different colours). They remarked there were no leads to lose!

The app downloads to a smartphone, , and shows as LeFun, but the Bluetooth link is not mandatory to sync, although of interest to tech savvy kids. To check pulse rate was popular, and of course step count encourages children to be more active. The adults did get interested in the array of the notifications to the watch, and then they thought they may not want them on a child’s device. It is easy in the settings to turn these off (or select some on).


It also tells the time, and the date! (Let’s not forget that.) But for older children, and adults, the Le Fun Health app helps those more into their fitness. FourFit Mini 2 really is a reasonably priced alternative, and not the end of the world if it gets lost, as it would with a more expensive one. It does all the things and more that is wanted in a tracker watch.

FourFit Mini 2 comes in a nice box, that is ideal for a present. As low as £24.99 from Amazon

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