Gift Gadgets for Men

Gift Gadgets for Men

Men and dads especially are hard to find presents for but they always love gadgets. Here are a couple from

With many more on their website you are bound to find one for the man in your life!

Key Finder

There’s no better solution for those that lose their keys than the Second generation, improved version of our best selling key finder! A simple push of the button on the transmitter sends a signal looking for the key fob and your keys, which if within range will emit an audible beeping, as well as flashing light. £ 14.95

 Lazy Self Stirring Mug

We all know someone who can barely be bothered to lift a spoon to stir their tea, in fact they are probably the sort of person who won’t have sugar just so they don’t have to stir it themselves! The Plain Lazy mug, with its self stirring technology is made just for this type of person!  £ 12.95

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