Groundbreaking sanitiser kind on little hands but tough on Covid-19

This sounds to good to be true. With all the hand sanitising we are doing the skin can get sore. This new product is great its alcohol-free but still sanitiser and cleans. The  product offers long-lasting protection against bacteria and viruses.

An entrepreneur from Shropshire has launched an innovative range thats gentle on little hands and sensitive skin.

Pure Reyn’s alcohol-free products were originally created for the aviation industry and MOD, and have been modified to set a new standard in combatting the spread of coronavirus. Due to a unique formula comprising of a dermatologically tested active ingredient, Pure Reyn products build an invisible barrier to germs and viruses that last up to 24 hours on skin and up to 30 days on surfaces. The hand sanitiser doubles up as an instant moisturiser, which means no more dry, sore hands.

All Pure Reyn products have been 100% tested and certified to British and international standards, proving they are effective against all human coronaviruses, including COVID-19, as well as influenza, rubella, measles and more, without building up a superbug resistance.

Founder Jessica Liebich said, “I want our products to redefine the way we approach virus control. We shouldn’t be using harmful chemicals on little hands, that are flammable, hazardous and an irritant to skin. Most people do not realise that 80% of germs come from hand contact, and alcohol-based sanitisers only provide protection until you touch the next contaminated surface. Unfortunately, alcohol based products can dry and crack skin, which allows infection in.

“Our high quality, aqueous based sanitiser solutions are alcohol and fragrance free, environmentally friendly, and provide continual protection for up to 24 hours on skin. Our products kill 99.999% of bacteria, germs, and viruses within 60 seconds of use, providing unparalleled reassurance. Our products are pH balanced so are gentle on skin and they actively moisturise. With children back in school we can offer them protection that is kind on small hands but powerful on viruses. We want families to feel protected to help them feel more normal again.”

The company has pledged to donate a percentage of profits to a local charity in Shrewsbury, Share, who work with people affected by addiction because alcohol-based sanitisers can be lethal for anyone in recovery from alcohol addiction.

Their new range of sanitisers and cleaning solutions can be viewed at

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