Healthy Snacks; Protein Bars & Delivered Packs

Healthy Snacks

Bounty, Mars & Snickers


• Milk & whey protein to assist muscle growth & repair
• Flavour & texture of the original bounty
• Suitable for post-workout or a protein-loaded treat

We tasted them and will again!

These bars satisfy that desire for a snack, especially when hungry after a workout, while replacing some of the things needed. Pleasant taste without that sugary taste.

They also do Mars and Snickers

Healthy, Delivered Packs

ChewyMoon, the provider of healthy kids’ snacks.

ChewyMoon is a subscription snack box for kids that makes it as much fun to learn about nutrition as it is to eat the snack. It’s all-natural, guilt-free snacks for growing kids. ChewyMoon has developed a range that covers the entire spectrum – natural and baked, sweet and savoury, exotic and close-to-home. The snack box can be customised per child’s taste and dietary preferences. Ingredients are carefully sourced from select producers and snacks are approved by kids for engagement, comprising taste, colour and shape.


The boxes are delivered direct to homes and customers can choose from a twice-weekly, weekly, fortnightly or monthly box. Starting at £4.75 (including delivery), subscribers receive five all-natural snacks, together with a comic, collectible battle card and totem toy delivered through their letterbox. Customers can choose to receive a random selection of five snacks every week or choose from over 40 snacks that include: fruit-smoothie chips, pure fruit shapes, baked cheese, smoky coconut to name a few.

Twice-a-week (sibling pack) for £4.75 for a box of 5 snacks, and 4 bonus adult snacks sent once every four weeks

    1. Weekly box for £4.99 per box, and 2 bonus adult snacks sent once every four weeks
    2. Fortnightly box for £5.99 – a larger box with 7 snacks including two bonus adult snacks
    3. Monthly box for £6.99 – a larger box with 7 snacks including two bonus adult snacks

include delivery.

Instagram & Twitter: @chewymoonbox

RHYTHM108: The Good-For-You Dessert Bars

The only wholesome, healthy and gluten-free snack bar that can be heated-up to be enjoyed like a warm dessert.

With an ever-increasing amount of consumers in the UK becoming aware of their wellness, Certified Organic RHYTHM108 provides the answer for the health-conscious consumer looking for a sweet treat. With an all­ natural, organic ingredient list, their authentic recipes take a heart and soul fuelled approach using the highest quality ingredients such as rich cacao paste from Peru, Sicilian almonds and Swiss organic milk. They’re a powerhouse of natural calcium, fibre and energy, hand made, in­-house in Geneva by expert patissiers with over 30 years of experience, meaning no bar compromises on quality or taste. Uniquely packaged with an innovative parchment tray, RHYTHM108 allows the consumer to easily warm the product in a microwave or oven (like a brownie) for maximum indulgence.
RHYTHM108’s innovative brand reinvents notoriously well-loved snacks in the form of a healthy and convenient product ideal for urban living. With calorie counts as low as 159 per 42 gram bar, the alternative dessert bars come in five flavours – Apple Pie, Banana Muffin, Choco-Walnut Brownie, Coconut Macaroon and Lemon Cake.

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