Jigsaw Performing Arts Schools

Every part of the jigsaw counts!

We often hear the expression ‘every child counts’, but what does this actually mean?Jigsaw

At Jigsaw, they recognise that children have different qualities that should be nurtured and developed in a safe environment with fun and friendship at the forefront. With a high volume of talent shows on TV it is often assumed that performing arts is associated with a thirst for fame and stardom. Of course there are many children they teach that are destined for stage success. However, the skills developed at Jigsaw are much more centred on confidence, self expression and individuality. In order to obtain this they pride themselves on running small classes with top quality performing arts teachers who have the patience to cater for and inspire every single child.

If they can instil into children at a young age the belief that they can achieve their goals, whatever they may be, then they feel they have succeeded.

Jigsaw Performing Arts School run weekend classes for children aged 3 – 18 years.

The 3-4 years and 5-6 years students enjoy a 90 minute performing arts classes which incorporates 30 minutes of each dance, drama and singing.

The older students aged 7 – 18 years are divided into three appropriate age groups and rotate between three specialist teachers for an hour of each drama, dance and singing. All students work towards shows and presentations for friends and family.

To find your nearest venue, visit the website www.jigsaw-arts.co.uk

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