Leading Pregnancy App Now Available on Android

Expectant mums and dads can now enjoy the most complete, independent, pregnancy app, Pregnancy+,  on their Android devices.

Previously only available on iPod touch and iPhone, Pregnancy + was created by a team of healthcare professionals at Health & Parenting Ltd.  This powerful, personalised app features beautiful full colour, high resolution images which allow expectant parents to follow their baby’s development on a daily basis.

It is also one of the few truly independent apps meaning that users can count on un-biased, straight-forward advice.  No sponsorship or advertising also means that the screens remain uncluttered and allows for content and editorial freedom. Pregnancy + is the most widely recommended app by midwives and obstetricians.

Innovative features include a kick counter to enable mums to track their baby’s movements, a built-in organiser to help parents plan their medical appointment plus much more. Its unique user interface can be personalised to mums, dads and even grandparents so that they can track the progress of the latest addition to the family.

Available for free as a lite edition or £1.99 for the full version, Pregnancy + is a ‘must-have’ pregnancy essential.

Pregnancy + has taken the healthcare app sector by storm since its launch on the iOS platform in February 2012. According to statistics, it is the number one paid healthcare app in the UK and US and overall, it is ranked number 158 among the best sold apps in the UK. Pregnancy + consistently receives five star ratings from its users.

For further information or to download Pregnancy + please visit www.health-and-parenting.com

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