Little Accident Box from Aroma Care Solution

Parents who are taking their children on the move are being given a helping hand with the new Little Accident Box from Aroma Care Solutions.

Designed to give parents and pet owners confidence in taking their children on trips and holidays without fretting about cleaning up accidents whilst on the go, the Little Accident Box has all the essentials to deal with the issue at hand.

The Little Accident Box has everything you need to clean up on the go – and when used with Aroma Care’s revolutionary bio enzymatic cleaner tackles the root of the problem, eliminating smells forever and attacks smells more effectively than conventional cleaners because it tackles the cause of the smells directly, rather than cover them up.

Each Little Accident Box contains nitrile gloves, disposable aprons, charcoal masks, disposable cloths, anti-bacterial wipes, scrapers, yellow bio-hazard sealed bags, sachets of absorbent granules for soaking up spills and Aroma Care Solutions’ Textile Cleansing and Hygiene Formula

Containing everything you need to quickly and discreetly clean up a total of three spillages, particularly suited to removing odour associated with bodily fluids such as urine and faeces, The Little Accident Box is suitable to fit conveniently in a vehicle or travel bag – providing complete reassurance that even if you do have a “little accident” when out and about, you will be able to clean up properly and not leave a mess behind.

Aroma Care Solutions also recommends their Bio-Enzyme Formula for used with The Little Accident Box to ensure any odours left behind from nasty spills are completely banished. The bio enzymatic ingredients are selected to attack a range of chemicals that give rise to smells in urine, poop and vomit and turn them into different, less offensive chemicals. They also crowd out any “bad bacteria” in accidents and spills that could lead to smells arising later on, especially if the accident was on the carpet or soft furnishings.

Quentin Steele, Co-founder of Aroma Petcare Solutions, said: “Taking children on the move can often be a worrying and stressful time for parents, especially if their child isn’t toilet trained or gets travel sick.   The Little Accident Box is there to ease that worry by ensuring that if an accident does occur, it won’t ruin a family trip away.

“The Little Accident Box takes the way the stress and inconvenience of carrying around a host of unnecessary cleaning products by containing the appropriate odour management contents in a compact box that can be carried with ease or stowed away without any fuss.

“Naturally we don’t want any malodours from accidents to linger around. There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve cleaned up a mess, only for the smell to come back again hours later from the hotel sofa or carpet or your own car seat.

“Luckily, smells can be eradicated with a bio enzymatic spray that tackles the root cause of malodours at a molecular level which is why we recommend it alongside our Little Accident Box so parents can completely deal with the accident at hand.

The bio enzyme formula comes in concentrated form and is simple to use. A 250ml bottle of concentrated formula is enough to make up 25 small bottles (110ml) of ready-to-use enzyme spray, working out at a price of 45 pence per small bottle.

As well as the beneficial bacteria, it contains colloidal silver, which has antibacterial properties, and natural botanicals of pink grapefruit, lemon, aloe vera and tea tree to leave behind a fresh perfume instead of pet smells.

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