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‘Of what do little bears dream?

New Books:

Bright snowflakes perhaps… Or dark starry nights. Hot chocolate… Cold pizza. Straight horizons…And curly moustaches.’
This new book, Little Bear Dreams is a gentle and imaginative depiction of a mother polar bear and her cub, taking readers on a wistful journey of wintry opposites – both the expected pairings, and the unexpected.
Perfectly designed for pre-readers, Little Bear Dreams features a variety of polar counterparts (blue water…blue skies…blue ice / short tails…and tall hats) inviting children to use their imagination as well as their reasoning skills. With a calming, lyrical text and a going-to-sleep conclusion, this snuggly read-aloud is perfect for bedtime or anytime, promising to both tickle and calm its young audience.
Stylishly designed, the sharp, eye-catching illustrations are a new style for acclaimed children’s author/illustrator Paul Schmid.

New Books: Little Bear Dreams By Paul Schmid Published by Phaidon, 28 September 2018 (Ages 1-4, £12.95)


This new book welcomes you to the wonderful world of The Ink House, a mysterious and surprising mansion built long ago, when people used gallons of ink to write love letters, poems, and elaborate shopping lists. The house was inhabited by great artists, writers, poets and composers, all drawn to the reservoir of ink in its basement, which has the power to inspire

creativity. But the artist is not the only inhabitant of the house…

Meet author Rory Dobner’s cast of lovable and magical animal characters in this beautiful new book. Rory Dobner creates exquisite ink illustrations, inspired by the objects he collects around his home in Hampstead, and on his travels. Rory has worked on commissions for clients including MTV, Disney and Nike and his distinctive homewares range is available in stores including Liberty and Fortnum & Mason.

New Books: The Ink House by Rory Dobner: Laurence King Publishing

George and Maude by Sarah Griffiths

According to The National Literacy Trust  children flourish and develop with more positive results if adults “…encourage repetition, rhythm and rhyme by using tone and intonation as you tell, recite or sing stories, poems and rhymes from books.”

Author Sarah Griffiths visits thousands of children in schools each year, taking her own books into the classroom and conducting readings, workshops and crafts that help children develop their creative sides, and in-turn every other building block of their early years.

The latest book,  ‘George and Maude’, a hilarious yet thought-provoking story of an unconventional relationship between person and parrot.  An entertaining and amusing rhyming tale about a nosey old lady and her pet parrot George who can imitate the local postman and policeman: “George really was a clever bird, He loved to copy every word! He could even mimic a person’s voice, The postman was his favourite choice!” An intruder in the night startles George! But is he clever enough to keep his beloved Maude safe? 

One Review: “Excellent story. Captivating the little ones. Easy flow from page to page. Well done on your second book.”

New Books from Laurence King Publishing

A Cat’s Guide to the Night Sky 

A beautiful introduction to stargazing and astronomy with the help of Felicity the cat! Children can discover the phases of the moon, the constellations and what to pack in their stargazing kit. For ages 7-11.

Elephants on Tour: A Search and Find Journey Around the World 

Five elephant friends are packing their trunks and setting off on the journey of a lifetime, all around the globe. Children joining their adventure can discover the secrets of some of the world’s greatest places, as they spot the five elephants on each double page spread of a country, and learn all about each new place! Packed full of facts from what to eat in each region, to how to say ‘Hello!’ in each language and illustrated by Guillaume Cornet’s incredible hand drawn illustrations. For ages 6+

A Book of Bears : At Home with Bears Around the World

A humourous and charming introduction to the eight different types of bear. Bears from all corners of the globe have come together especially for this book, beautifully illustrated by Katie Viggers! Children can learn about each bear’s home, their likes/dislikes and more, as they discover all about bears from the panda to the polar bear. For ages 4-7.

Terrific Timelines: Fashion: Press out, put together and display! 

From the ancient world to the modern day, children can find out all about fashion with this beautiful and unique display timeline, and accompanying booklet. For ages 7-11.




New York Melody by Hélène Druvert

Quiet. The concert is beginning.

The notes follow one after the other
with elegance and grace except for one…

A note filled with wanderlust yearning for
escape.There is no place for her on the sheet
music! She hops onto the piano. She leaps.
Black keys, white keys,

do, re, mi…

and the little note lifts off into the night.
So begins Hélène Druvert’s new book, the latest in the laser-cut series that has so far included
Paris Up, Up and Away and Mary Poppins Up, Up
and Away. This book joins a runaway musical note as she soars out of the orchestra and into
the New York night.

Published by Thames & Hudson.


Seeing Stars: A Complete Guide to the 88 Constellations By Sara Gillingham 

Published by Phaidon,

Imagine the dark night sky peaceful and calm behind the backdrop of a bustling city skyline. Gazing upwards, the sky is bright with the glow of stars, some shining brighter than others, or clustered together in interesting shapes and patterns. Watching the stars these patterns begin to look familiar …but what could they be? 

Seeing Stars is a striking guide to the constellations that can be seen from Earth. While aimed at children aged 7-10, the book will also appeal to the youngest astronomers, teenagers and fascinated adults alike. This creative and accessible overview of the skies will equip all readers with the information they need to locate, name, and tell the ‘story’ – mythological or historical – behind its naming. 

Expertly researched by Gillingham and Paul Murdin, professor and fellow at the Cambridge University Institute of Astronomy, Seeing Stars will inspire and encourage readers to look up and delight in the wonders of the cosmos.

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