OHYO – The Collapsabottle with a Spout

 The makers of Aquatina – the collapsible pocket drinks bottle – have launched its successor.

Ohyo, which will be in shops very soon and is already available online from www.ohyo.me now features a custom-made spout designed to enhance the product’s adaptability and ease-of-use. The new pop-out spout means the product can be used one-handed, making it suitable for a range of new users including children, commuters and gym users.

Designed and made in Britain, the collapsible Aquatina bottle was created using toxin free plastic1 and was put forward as a reusable and safer alternative to disposable plastic bottles, which have attracted criticism for their potentially harmful effects and poor environmental record. Although famously rejected by the dragons on Dragons’ Den and dismissed as a design that would be impossible to bring to market, Aquatina has proved them wrong with its widespread commercial success and international distribution network.

Guy Jeremiah, creator of Ohyo and the original Aquatina said: “Ohyo is the product I always wanted to make and the continuing success of Aquatina meant that we were able to design and manufacture its successor here inBritain, inSheffield. The new design makes it easier for more people to benefit from our cheaper alternative to environmentally questionable and, in some cases, harmful bottled water.”

“The average person inEuropebuys 85 bottles of mineral water a year, at a cost of over £100. A typicalUKlocal authority disposes of up to 10 million bottles a year at great cost to tax payers and, last year, we threw away 150 billion bottles, enough to stretch to the moon and back 50 times. Made of safe, reusable plastic, Ohyo is another step towards reducing this reliance. Used in combination with Find-a-Fountain, a service which promotes free water sources in theUK, everyone could save money and reduce their impact on the environment at the same time.”

 Ohyo is now available online from www.ohyo.me at £9.98 for two plus p&p

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